More workers in America are slain or injuredMore personal injury sadly and construction accident blame in New York handle construction-related cases annually than workers in any other industry. Over 5,500 construction workers in New York suffered injuries that required them to miss work days; this amounts to about 15 construction injuries every day in the state. In spite of these figures, committed laborers continue to show up at the job site every day to build and develop the infrastructure that keeps our nation going forward.

Our lawyers at Hofmann & Schweitzer have more than 35 years of expertise defending the legal rights of injured construction workers in New York City as well as their families. In instances ladder falls and other construction site accidents, our pragmatic have the know -how to fight and prevail.

Types of Construction Site Injury Cases Our New York City Attorneys Handle

On construction sites, falling from scaffolds, cranes, roofs, ladders, and unintentionally dropping objects from high areas is one of the most common accident injury types.

Struck by mishaps
According to estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, struck-by accidents—also known as abrupt contact with items and equipment—cause thousands of fatal injuries annually.

falling items
Building laborers frequently operate on various floors of a building, particularly in New York City. Someone below may sustain serious injuries if tools, materials, or other objects are dumped from above or fall from another level.

Injury in confined space
Operators venturing into manholes, tunnels, pipelines, trenches, storm drains, septic tanks, and shafts may encounter a range of perilous circumstances and airborne threats.

Back injuries and lifting
The physically demanding nature of construction-related labor often results in back and shoulder problems.

Hand and power tool injuries
Using tools such as knives, power saws, hammers, drills, grinders, and nail guns can be hazardous and frequently result in injuries when used on construction sites.

Accident caused by defective equipment
Amputations, shattered bones, and other accidents can result from big industrial equipment or simple items that are malfunctioning, poorly maintained, or substandard.

hazardous places of employment
Every morning when they report to the working site, construction workers risk a variety of injuries and dangers.

Accidents involving work vehicles
​When operating machinery, driving, or working near automobiles or construction equipment, workers may get injuries.

Breakdowns and fluctuating terrain
On construction sites, uneven or unstable surfaces can be dangerous. Buildings, walls, ditches, building materials, and other unstable structures can also collapse, injuring workers.

inappropriate loading, unloading, and storing
​Shifting large loads has the potential to strike, crush, or hurt workers loading and unloading supplies and equipment.

exposure to chemicals
A great deal of the dangerous and poisonous chemicals used on building sites can cause severe chemical burns and other ailments.

electrical mishaps
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